About Us

About us

Established in 1988, Yungjie Plastic Industry Co., Ltd. specializes in manufacturing and manufacturing: plastic shaped extrusion products, international professional manufacturing plants with professional design and manufacture. With more than 30 years of professional manufacturing advantages and technology, we adhere to technological innovation, the most efficient manufacturing process, and the production of quality products. The whole factory is in line with EU ROHS environmental protection certification products, providing high quality products for domestic and foreign customers. technical and service. The company's business philosophy is to achieve sustainable development, and the pursuit of high quality, innovation and service is the purpose of company management. The company specializes in the production of plastic products: wire slot, photo frame, picture frame, car trim, stationery, office furniture, led lampshade, sliding door, roller, decoration trim, audio handle, file folder and other plastic extrusion products , Plastic products: plastic extrusion, plastic shaped extrusion, plastic extrusion, plastic strip, plastic tube, Led lampshade, extrusion, plastic betting, betting, wire slotting, photo frame, picture frame, car trim, stationery, office furniture , plastic shaped extrusion, plastic round tube, led lampshade, sliding door strip, roller, decoration strip, pipeline slot, car trim, price bar, glass waterproof strip, file folder, audio handle, file folder and other plastic extrusion products . PVC, ABS, PE, PS, PU, ​​PP, PC, TPR, TPE, HIPS...Acrylic...etc. Extrusion, various plastic tubes, strips, shaped extrusion, soft, hard two-color extrusion, Trunking strips, plastic extrusion, plastic shaped extrusion, mold, professional manufacturing, a wide range of products, please contact us.

Company group

※ The company's business philosophy:
※ Sustainability, management, marketing, is the company's development goals
※ Quality, development, innovation, is the management of the company
※ Integrity, professionalism, service, is the company's purpose

Company history

1988: Yongjie Plastic Industry Co., Ltd. was established, and Xinzhuang set
up production.
1996: Yongjie Plastic Industry Co., Ltd. expanded its factory and set up a
factory in Linkou.
1998: A large number of plastic shaped extrusion products are exported to
Europe, the United States, Japan, and other regions.
1999: Established the production process of raw product warranty,
computerized e.
2003: Add equipment and expand production line.
2007: Purchase new plant land and build a new factory.
2008: Relocation of the current site of Fanzhi Road, Linkou District,
New Taipei City.
2009: The whole plant is remanufactured and produced in line with
EU ROHS environmental certification materials.
2012 : Purchase automatic processing equipment to improve production
2016 : Continuously update the production line to improve quality
and productivity.
2017: Imported ISO 9001:2015 international quality management
system, it is recommended to improve the company's quality strength
Continuous improvement Establish standardized operations.      
2018: Verification audit by ISO 9001:2015

IOS 9001 憑證

Competitive advantages

✔Consistent manufacturing technology innovation
✔ Highly efficient manufacturing process
✔ Production of quality products for the concept
✔ High quality product technology and service